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Our Mission

The mission of Little Valley Books® is to foster a love of reading, storytelling, and creativity in a safe environment, where kids can share ideas, earn rewards, and give back to others using kid-friendly tools along with appropriate adult support.

Today, so much technology fills our world that the beeps, blips, tweets, and all manner of visual and auditory stimulation fill our heads. This static leaves little room for development of creative imagination and thinking skills that we want to see in our children. Often, we realize the need to build these skills when kids are already into their teens and reeling from the workload and stress of homework, sports, and everyday life.


Under the imprint of Little Valley Books, we are seeking to engage "kid" authors in the world of creative writing and publishing. Through years of publishing for education and as a working mother, Stephanie has gained valuable insight and has made it her mission to teach other parents the pivotal role they play in encouraging literacy in children at a young age. Children have the ability to imagine and create in ways adults often lose once all of the "rules" of everyday life have been layered on top. It is essential that we get back to basics with our children.


How does Stephanie do this? She practices what she preaches; incorporating the 3 Rs--Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic -- into fun activities with her kids. Currently, she is publishing 6-year-old Finnoula Louise's second book, Cookies Cookies, a book she is writing for children with gluten-sensitivites. It will be available in bookstores and online this November. While young children may be lacking in some of the basic communication skills like writing the alphabet or typing on the computer, their ideas are genuine and should be encouraged.